A Party Planning Checklist to Guide Every Successful Event

Throwing a party isn’t an easy job to do for a special person in your life. It requires thorough planning to be certain that it will be a success. You don’t have to it alone. You can ask a family member or close friend to help you out. Don’t forget, two heads are better than one. And that person can give you insightful tips on how to make the party more fun and exciting. Is it your first time to throw a party? Here’s the party planning checklist that can be of help to you.

Invitation List

Three weeks prior to the party, you have to create an invitation list of people you will be inviting for your special someone’s event. For a big party, invite 20 to 30 percent more people as only 60 to 70 percent will make it. Once you’ve finalized your list, it’s time to send out all invitations. You can do it by sending a card or making a phone call.

Decide A Theme

A theme isn’t all about superheroes. There are other themes that you can take into consideration like Hollywood glamour, jungle party, 80 to 90’s retro party, Hawaiian theme party, and the list goes on.

Plan the Food and Drinks Selection

The food and drinks are one of the most important items in any celebration. Plan it carefully.Know if your guests have any food allergies or special dietary requirements. If there are kids who will be attending, prepare something that you think they will like. You can do the food preparation by yourself or hire a caterer. But make sure to do a taste test first. Don’t forget the cake especially if it’s a birthday party.


A party can have somedull moments that’s why you have to prepare some entertainment for your guests. You can hire magicians or rent out a karaoke machine. If you will be hosting an all-male party, check out the best ideas for your best mates bucks party. But see to it that there are no minors around.

Play Some Music

Play some songs to keep your guests entertained. It should be a mix of old and modern music as you may have guests that come from different age groups. Or better yet, ask the special person in your life to create his/her own playlist.

Rent Tables and Chairs

Rent tables and chairs for your party. Do the inquiry at least a few weeks before. Do a reservation and a down payment to book your slot.

Buy Flowers

Flowers are perfect decor for any event. Order some flowers ahead of time. You can do your own arrangement or have it done by an experienced flower arranger. It can be a perfect centrepiecefor your tables.

Choose A Location

Well, it’s your call if you will have it done at home or somewhere else. You can rent out a place especially if it’s a big party. Look for something unique like a museum or theme park.

Make the party a day to remember for everyone by following these tips.