Business Travel Packing Tips for Ease and Simplicity

Packing for a business trip can be nerve wrecking. How much stuff would you need and how do you pack everything in your bags? Here are several tips that would simplify the process:

Get Clothes Made of Wrinkle-Resistant Fabric

One of the biggest challenges of business travel is keeping those intricate formal wear wrinkle free for wearing upon arrival. Should you pack a travel iron? Send your tops to the hotel laundry? You can avoid these problems by taking wrinkle-resistant clothing with you on your trip.

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If you don’t know, wrinkle-resistant clothes are made from fabrics that are either naturally less likely to wrinkle, or are treated with special chemicals to withstand wrinkling. Fabrics, like rayon, cashmere, silk, and polyester are naturally resistant to getting creases in your suitcase. Buy tops made from such fabrics to easily fold and carry without needing ironing upon arrival. There are many speciality stores like thefable that offer wrinkle-resistant outfits suited to business travel.

Buy Smaller Travel Bags to Keep Things Organized

All your clothes can get quite disorganized on a suitcase during the trip. No matter how well you fold and neatly arrange your clothes in the suitcase, it would be all over the place upon arrival. Airports don’t handle luggage gently and airport security may go through your stuff, messing up your careful arrangement.

You can avoid this by organizing and packing your clothes in small travel bags that fit inside the larger suitcase. You can pack shirts in one and delicate in another and so on. This system keeps similar items together throughout the flight, and also reduced wrinkling due to rough travel. Small bags at least for your underwear and small items should help you keep your suitcase well organized and prevent any situations where you can to unpack the whole thing to find a comb.

Avoid Packing Things You Can Easily Get at the Destination

Thinking about packing your soaps and shampoos in there? If you are staying at a good hotel, most toiletries might not be necessary. If you can get common items like toothpaste or shampoo at your destination, don’t waste space for these, even if your shampoo is in a travel-size container. Instead, save space for things you really need, like perhaps your shaver or sensitive-skin face wash.

Likewise, don’t bother with other items like towels or bathrobes. Only pack similar items if these aren’t provided by the hotel. You may have to sort your things carefully to separate the stuff you really need on the trip from the things you don’t really need to take.

Keep Your Valuables in Your Carry-on Luggage

Worries about losing your laptop or phone charger? Then make sure these things are in your carry-on bag, not the cargo luggage. Your whole trip can go haywire lose your luggage with the laptop in it. Pack and extra pair of clothing in your carryon too. So even if you lose your big luggage bag, you’d still have your valuables and essentials in the bag you have with you.

Hopefully, the above tips would help you pack smarter and travel lighter. When on business trips, always focus on the essentials and make do with the rest.