Expert Tips on How to Throw the Perfect Beach Party

Planning a beach party includes some of the essentials that you don’t usually have to consider when you are planning an everyday indoor party. From menu to flowing the venue rules these are some of the most important things that can help you to have a beach party without a glitch. Take a look at the following tips to know what they are.

Choose a Venue Early

Not all beaches allow you to have parties in them. So, if you are going to plan a beach party, the first step is to find a venue. A little research will let you know the beaches that can also be used as the perfect party venues. This is something you need to do before you invite the guests or even plan the menu. You will have to know the exact place before you inform your guests. As for the menu, since there can be certain restrictions by the authorities in charge of the venue, it is better to get the venue confirmed before moving on to food and drinks.

Follow the Alcohol Laws

This is why it is essential to get your party venue ready before you rush into food and (more importantly) drinks. Not every beach allows you to use alcohol. So before you order your drinks and cocktails, check if your venue authorities allow them. If not, you will simply have to make do without alcohol and opt for more soft drinks. But if you plan on drinking, it is better to find another venue in order to avoid legal problems that cab ruin your fun.

Get Creative with Your Food and Drinks

When it comes to planning your drinks, try to be creative and add some beverages that can help you with the sweltering sun. Yes, beach parties can be fun and have a romantic ambience, but they can also get pretty hot during the day time. So, adding some mango or watermelon juice for when you cannot use alcohol or adding some fruity flavour to your cocktails will always help. You can also add some cool desserts such as sundaes and ice creams to fight off the heat.

Bring Furniture to Sit

Using beach chairs is always an option for a beach party. But if you are planning to sit directly on the beach it is better to bring some blankets to make yourself comfortable and also not to ruin your clothes (unless you are wearing your swimwear). Blankets are also helpful when you are eating so you will have the perfect picnic vibe. Rent some outdoor umbrellas from billy fresh to keep away the sun’s heat.

Take Care of Yourself

Bringing personal items that can help with the sun is also a necessity in a beach party. Bring hats and scarves to keep yourself safe from the heat. Remember to use sunglasses and sunscreen too. If you are bringing your kids with you, make sure they too have these items packed. Do not forget to remind your guests of these items in the invitation too.

Make sure you have all these essentials and your party will be as perfect as ever!