Planning Your Godchild’s Christening

The christening of this precious child would signify your thankfulness to God and as an act of gratitude, the parents would bring the baby to the altar to be blessed and christened by the priest with the godparents as witnesses. The godparents would also be held responsible for the upbringing and wellbeing of the baby. To mark the start of that new union through the birth of the little one, as the godparents to the blessed little bundle of joy, it would be typically up to you to actively help to plan it.

Budget Your Costs

It would be important that you are able to foresee or at least have a vague idea as to how much the event would cost you. The invitees for the christening party would usually consist of the immediate family, the parents, if they are not family, and a few close friends. Having a proper headcount would help you to budget your expenses and be prepared financially.

Decide on A Theme

Theming your event and choosing a location would be the next step. To decide on a theme, you could either go with a tasteful combination of white and pink or blue, depending on the sex of the baby. Speak to a caterer and decide on the food you would need for the day according to the headcount. Run the menu by the parents for confirmation and let them make changes where needed.

Deciding on Your Gift

As a God Parent it is customary to give the baby on this special day would be another fact to look into. It could be something as simple as opening an account under the child’s name with an initial deposit, or you could consider the option of ordering a gift basket online.

When exploring the option of purchasing a gift basket online. If you choose the option of ordering a gift basket online, make sure that you look at a few different options. Make sure that your gift basket includes items like baby formula.  This is needed by the mother and baby but is rarely included as a gift item.

Given that you are closer to the family and knowing that these items cost a lot, they would greatly appreciate the thoughtfulness. Some online sites offer freebies for the new mother as well. Make certain that your order had been placed well ahead of time and would be delivered to you in time for the event.

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Set Up A Private Area

You would need to make sure that the location chosen for the event is spacious and has a confined space where the mother could feed or change the baby if needed.  Speak to the management of the venue and ask them to set up their space accordingly

Making sure that your god child’s christening party happens without a hitch is one of the first kind of involvement in that baby’s life, and one of your first real memories with him or her. Treasure it.