Six Date Ideas for You to Try

Trying to plan a good date can be difficult sometimes. You need to do something that would not be boring but would also be exciting to your partner. So where to go for your next date? And what to do? Take a look at the following six ideas to see what would fit you and your significant other the most.

Take a Walk in the Town

This might sound like the silliest and the most boring date idea. But have you ever tried to do a very short version of a road trip around your town? There has to be at least one or two places you can visit and it doesn’t always have to be big monuments or restaurants. You can simply visit a place that has a nice view, somewhere calm where you can have a picnic and a good conversation or take them to places that means or meant a lot to you growing up.


Another idea for adventurous couples is hiking. If both of you are interested in exploring new places together, then find a good area to hike, get your basic essentials and just go for it. You will be able to enjoy the nature, relax and have fun all the while getting to know more about each other.

Day Trip

Trios doesn’t always have to be lengthy ones where you have to spend a good few day out of the town. If you both or even one of you are busy and find it really difficult get a few days of leave, then a one-day trip on the weekend is the perfect getaway. Find a destination that you can reach and come back within a day. Find a few places you can stop by in between or explore while you are there and you are all set to go.

Try a New Restaurant

Not a fan of too much exploration and walking? That is ok. You can always drive to nice place and order a fancy dinner. However, to keep things fun, why not try a new restaurant like Gateway Tavern instead of your everyday place? This would allow you to enjoy a classic dinner date but with a new twist.

Spa Date

Why not check your date night and your self-care day at ne go? There are two ways you can do this. Get a couple’s spa package from your favourite spa. Or you can have the spa night at your home too. The essentials you need to for a spa night at home are face masks, supplies for manicures and pedicures, massage oil and other everyday grooming tools.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that shopping is something that only girls enjoy. If you both are shopaholics, then you can have a shopping date at your favourite store or mall. If only one of you are a shopping fan, then this is a perfect way to plan a surprise treat for them. Besides you don’t have to shop for clothes alone. You can shop for other things like home decoration items for your home, visit antique shops, or even add your grocery shopping as a part of this trip.

Don’t be scared or nervous about planning a date. All you have to do is, try the ne you both like the best and plan your day.