Things to know about using sand filters for swimming pools

If you have a swimming pool, it is important that you install all the needed equipment that will keep the swimming pool water healthy and safe. That is not all, the equipment that you install to your swimming pool decides on the kind of experience that you will be obtaining when you are using the swimming pool.

Whether you are having a swimming pool for residential purposes or commercial purposes, installing the needed equipment are a must. Apart from a pump to the swimming pool, the next important addition that you must have in your swimming pool is a sand filter. Sand filters are a must have to guarantee that your swimming pool is safe. These are the most important things that you should know about using sand filters for swimming pools:

Know the rules and the regulations

Depending on where the swimming pool is situated, the rules and the regulations that you have to flow to guarantee that the swimming pool is safe differs. Therefore, it is crucial that you research what you are required by the law to do so to keep your swimming pool up to the standards.

If you are in Australia, it is important that you do it within regulation so that you can avoid any legal obligations. Along with that, it will give you the best swimming pool experience as the water in the swimming pool will be free from sand and other contaminations.

The basics of a sand filter

If you want to use a sand filter, it is important that you know about the different parts of a sand filter and also what they are used for so that you can have the maximum experience from it. In short, the main job of the sand filter is to keep your swimming pool clean. To do the job, the sand filter consists of 6 valves.

The filter

The filter of the sand filter is the main part that does the most important job of keep contaminants away from the swimming pool.


When you filter is in the waste mode, all the water will pass out of the sand filter passing the sand. This is ideal to be used when there is a lot of debris and dust in the swimming pool. When you are in this setting, the entire swimming pool will be emptied and all the water will be cleaned out from contaminations. This will make the process of pool cleaning so much easier and it will save you from a lot of hassle when your pool needs a good clean.

For as hurt cleaning sessions

If you want short cleaning sessions for your swimming pool, the best way to get it is by backwash in your sand filter. it has been recommended by experts that you backwash the swimming pool every month during the winter and every fortnight in the summer so that you give the best care to your swimming pool.