Tips to increase the growth of a company

All business leaders and managers now know it: financial results are far from being the most important elements for the sustainability of a company. The commitment, motivation, and well-being of employees are crucial criteria for a company to be competitive and perform well over the long term.

Here are some tips:

Offer A Pleasant Work Environment

This is one of the first elements that boost the productivity of its employees: it is necessary to create a pleasant and comfortable working environment for employees. The workstations must also be comfortable and adapted to the tasks that are carried out there. Probe employees to find out what they want may be a great way to not only improve the workflow in a meaningful way but also to show employees its consideration!

It’s simple, it does not cost much but it can pay big. To convince oneself to remember that this is one of Google’s revenue … that generates billions of profits!

Understanding Your Employees

This idea of ​​the survey shows an important element to heal and motivate its employees: they must be understood. Understand what are their motivations, their brakes, their engines. Offering a company nursery to mostly single employees is irrelevant. As well as offering productivity bonuses to employees who prefer their lifestyle. Increasing its performance, therefore, requires the establishment of a real HR policy that aims to understand its employees to better motivate them.

To Better Support And Value Them

But not only. Because employees do not just need to be motivated. The image of the carrot and the stick has lived and reflects a concept of the company inherited from the 19th century. Today, employees are more likely to need to make sense of their work and have a sense of belonging to move forward. It suffices to see companies that report a significant turn-over or those experiencing waves of suicide: employees are in demand of corporate culture, identity, cohesion. For this, many avenues exist: establish with the employees a company charter, set up support schemes for new employees through sponsorship, create corporate events, etc.

Empathy, creation of meaning, cohesion: these are the keywords of effective management.

Exceed The Financial Valuation

Finally, we realize that today the financial motivation to the old, if it can and must often have a place in employee enhancement schemes, is far from being the most important. It is, therefore, necessary to go beyond the idea that employees just want to be paid more: you can offer high wages; if working conditions are unbearable, productivity will be poor.


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