What Are the Different Kinds of Dress Codes?

One of the things you have to decide when planning to throw a party or an event is the dress code. You have to give a lot of thought as to what you would like your guests to come wearing. This will depend on the occasion for the party or event, the venue at which the party is held and your personal preference. Keeping all these in mind you need to come up with dress code and put it in the invitations so that your guests are well informed ahead of time and have time to prepare the perfect outfit.


Starting with the simplest and easiest is the casual dress code. These are the usual dress codes of a beach party, a barbecue night or even a house party. Girls can wear a sundress and boys can wear shorts with a t-shirt. The makeup can be kept simple as well. If it’s a pool party be sure to pack your swimsuit as well.

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Smart Casual

This is the in-between outfit that can confuse you sometimes. But it is becoming the commonest dress code for parties nowadays. Guys can wear jeans, a t-shirt with blazer and loafers and girls can wear pants and stiletto boots. When in doubt it is always better to dress up than low.

Business Casual

This is expected to work when travelling for business trips or meetings. Here, there are some articles of clothing that are not allowed at all. They are sports shoes (including sneakers) and jeans. Girls can wear pencil skirts and shirts, while guys can wear trousers and shirts. The blazer can be kept aside in this case.

Black Tie

Black tie means a very formal dress code. These are usually the dress codes at weddings or gala events. Guys are expected to wear either a tuxedo or black bow tie. They should also be wearing cuff links and shirt studs. On the other hand, women are expected to wear long gowns or very fancy cocktail dresses. Women can go ahead and do a hair up-do and accessorise with jewellery.

Festive Wear

There are many parties based on national holidays around the world. The most common would be for Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Depending on the holiday the dress code would be different. For Halloween, it would be costumes. You are free to wear whatever and however, you like it and nobody would judge you for it. For Christmas, guys can silk shirts buy from thefable and pair with a nice pair of trousers. Girls can go for a nice red or green cocktail dress. New Year’s Eve is the day to wear the most shimmering and glitteriest outfit you have to party the night off.

As a host, you need to be aware of the different dress codes to choose the appropriate one for your party and as a guest, you need to be aware of them to pick the right outfit from your wardrobe. Going to an event in the wrong outfit can make you feel self-conscious and dampen your mood. As a result, you will not be able to have a good time. To avoid this do proper research and choose the right outfit.